Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hanging When Running Old Game

Did you ever faced a problem after upgraded your computer? There are many reasons why this happen...

One of the reason is because your old game is not compatible with dual processors setting, especially games by Eidos Entertainments. My favorite old game - Thief, The Dark Project, have an error every time i run it. This error always occurred after i have upgraded my computer.

So, after i have made some settings on my PC, this problem was solved. If you have the same problem, please try the solution below:

1 - Install and run game.

2 - When the game's main menu appeared, press shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open "Windows Task Manager" quickly.

3 - Find the task of your game program. Eg: Thief.exe

4 - Right Click and go to "Set Affinity..."

5 - On menu Processor Affinity, Untick one of the processors. This setting will make your selected game will run on one processor only.

6 - Click OK. Press shortcut Alt+Tab to view your game back.

It works!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Error Message : NTLDR is missing

My friends ask me on how to fix this error;

NTLDR is missing
Please Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to ...

Windows program need NTLDR (NT Loader) for booting process. I have experienced this error with old computers frequently. This problem made by loss/corrupted NTLDR file on hard disk. It will make computers cannot start the initial Windows program.

Please do not format your hard disk before you follow the solutions below:

Solution 1:

a-copy files "ntldr" and "" from other computer by using your pendrive.

b-transfer those files from your pendrive to your problem's computer by using bootable distro (eg: knoppix, slax, ...)

c-Reboot computer

Solution 2:

a-Boot your computer by using Windows installer CD, select the right menu until you see the menu asking for 'install windows' or 'repair windows'? Press "R" for 'repair windows' (repair with console command).

b-Next, press "1" and type the Administrator's password. By assuming your pendrive is located on drive e:\ , type DOS instructions as below:

copy e:\i386\ntldr c:\
copy e:\i386\ c:\

c-Reboot computer.

Solution 3:

a-Boot your computer by using Windows installer CD. Select menu for 'install windows'.
You will see partition screen inform you that C:\ drive is allocated for system partition.

b-Select this system partition by higlighting on it. You have choice whether to repair or install windows on that partition. Select "R" for repair option. Please wait until copying process have finished.

c-Reboot komputer.